How many of you have ever played a sport? Do you still play? Why or why not?

We have found that inside of every man is an innate desire to compete with others (which we know to be quite true for men). This is the case because we were created to take dominion over the earth while protecting it and leading others.

It is a known fact that the form that most men compete through is though sports. Many of us start off in tee-ball or soccer and as we group become involved with basketball, rugbee,  golf and football.

During that time we walk around with our chests poked out with the points, medals and stats that we accumulated during our high school and college glory days.


And then we grow up which presents us this challenge :

What do we do with our desire to compete after those days have passed?

For some it is coaching ours sons and their teams but for many men.... at best we live our lives vicariously through fantasy sports or just 'watching' game and then bragging about another man's stats with the guys Monday morning.


Here's the game changer?

What if you were still able to still compete with other men instead using  'your own stats'  in a way that levels the playing field?  Men from all over the world will be able to compete regardless of their age or physical ability.

We would like to introduce to you is a new kind of ‘Sport’ called

Full Engagement Sport

Competition in a whole new way using a new using measurement for competition.  A unit of measurement that takes physical energy and harnesses it in a way that matters in the big scheme of things that will not only benefit you, but also your family, those around you now and forever. We’re calling the competing factor …..

Impact Hours (Hours that are generated through the use of physical energy in a way that impacts others in a positive way).  It begins with yourself and will spread throughout the globe

How it works:

Each man starts by practicing on his own.  Then after comfortable he can join or create his own 4-man team.  Weekly point stats are generated and compared on the scoreboard which is  used to track weekly progress.  These stats are used to determine the regional bracket winners. Winners in each bracket will then proceed to state, national and international championships.

Point Process

 Points are accumulated in two ways:

1. Personal preparation for service

2. Service to others

 Get in the game today!